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There are Five Pillars of Islam, namely Shahadah, Salat, Sawm, Zakat, and Hajj. However, the term pillar is more of an analogy used to describe the five components on which the very core of the Islamic faith is based. These are the five key elements that define a person as a Muslim; five tasks that Allah (SWT) has made compulsory for all able Muslims.

What is the Fifth Pillar of Islam?

Hajj is the Fifth Pillar of Islam. It is a pilgrimage to Mecca that every Muslim must take at least once during their life. It occurs during the month of Dhul Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic calendar, and concludes with Eid-ul-Adha prayers. It’s from the Fifth Pillar of Islam that the significance of Qurbani stems.

The Hajj pilgrimage includes the following:

  • Wearing the Ihram (What is Ihram in Hajj? The standard clothing for pilgrims upon arriving in Mecca)
  • Performing Tawaf and Sa'ee in Masjid Al-Haram
  • Staying and praying in Mina
  • Spending the night at Mount Arafat in prayer
  • Staying in Muzdallfah
  • Revisiting Mina and stoning the Jamaraat (three devils)
  • Performing Eid-ul-Adha prayers
  • Performing Qurbani / Udhiya, the Sunnah of Ibrahim
  • Shaving his head. Women simply clip a piece of their hair.
  • Performing Tawaf-ul-wida

Hajj is by no account an easy journey; however, it is not painstakingly difficult either. There is a fair amount of struggle involved which is needed and, in some cases, required, to gain the spiritual blessings from this sacred pilgrimage. Performing prayer in the scorching deserts of Arabia can be a daunting task yet millions of Muslims perform Hajj every year in order to renew their faith, their Taqwaa, and become better human beings.

Over three million pilgrims are expected to perform Hajj this year. We, at Muslim Aid, would like to wish them a safe journey, and may the spiritual benefits of their voyage last them a lifetime. May Allah watch over them, and may He accept their Hajj. Ameen.

Honour the Fifth Pillar of Islam this Qurbani Eid 2022

Why do we have to give Qurbani? Because it’s one of our core duties as a Muslim. Donate your Qurbani to Muslim Aid today to fulfil your commitment to Allah (SWT). 

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