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What we do

Zakat Donations For Syria

Donating Zakat is a great humanitarian gesture, one that comes with numerous blessings. These donations specifically provide for those who are suffering in different parts of the world.

Millions of people have been displaced internally in Syria and many more have been forced to flee the country and now live as refugees in neighbouring countries.

The displaced people of Syria can benefit immensely from Zakat donations and this is where you come in.


Muslim Aid has been an active force on the ground on both sides of the border in assisting Syrians cope with this dire situation. We initiated the Emergency relief campaign for Syria three years ago. It continues to operate to this day and has served hundreds of thousands of Syrian families by providing them with food rations, sanitary packs, shelter and even mobile health clinics.

Muslim Aid is a trusted name in relief aid and development work. We have successfully completed projects both large and small in different parts of the world. These projects have brought much need improvement and in some cases, peace and harmony for those affected.

The Holy month of Ramadan brings with it immense blessings and happiness. Your Zakat donations during this month will ensure a Syrian family will have a reason to smile come this Eid-ul-Fitr. Islam encourages Muslims to donate generously when they can. We urge you to give support to our Syrian brothers and sisters and pledge your Zakat donations to Syria.