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One of the many things that make Muslim Aid such a successful relief aid and development organisation is our uncanny ability to understand the situation and to ensure that any issue is resolved quickly and efficiently. With active presence in over 70 countries and with decades of practical experience in the field, Muslim Aid has established itself as an effective relief aid agency. We are one of the first responders to any vulnerable region, be a natural disaster like Hurricane Hyian or man-made controversy such as the Syria crisis. Ultimately, our relief aid programmes prove instrumental in ensuring the right amount of aid gets to the right recipients.

The Muslim Aid Housing Programme is intended to provide housing for widows and orphans who can’t otherwise sustain housing on their own.

Zahira, a 42 year old widow with four children barely earns enough to support herself. Without regular work, the house she had lived in for the last ten years had remained unfinished and unprotected with no doors and windows. Desperate, she applied for the Muslim Aid Housing Programme. It turned out to be the break she needed to get her life back on track and to provide for her four children. Muslim Aid assisted her in completing her unfinished house. It is now complete and offers a safe abode for her children.

"I am grateful with my life.” She said. “Now there is enough space for the whole family. My kids are very happy and they have space to study without any disturbances. I will never forget that this was created by Muslim Aid. I thank Muslim Aid for this great help."    

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