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Warm Hearts Winter Campaign


Warm Hearts Winter Campaign

Warm Hearts Winter Campaign

With temperatures falling and energy bills rising, winter can be a testing time, particularly for the elderly and homeless. Around 30,000 people in the UK die each year from the effects of the winter chill. Many of these deaths are preventable; however poverty and social isolation ensure this cycle continues. Muslim Aid’s Winter Campaign aims to change this.

We reach out to the elderly and homeless, providing ‘Keep Warm Kits’ to thousands up and down the country. These kits contain food items, blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, socks, hats and other winter essentials to keep the worst effects of the cold at bay. We also work with homeless shelters to provide advice services, fund soup kitchens and hold gatherings for the elderly to help build support networks that combat loneliness and isolation.

Support our Winter Campaign and help Warm a Heart This Winter.

Ways you can help:


As temperatures decrease, many elderly and homeless people become susceptible to respiratory and cardiovascular illness. Isolated and with no support, these conditions can go unnoticed and untreated, often leading to serious complications and death.

your donations provide

Keep Warm Kit

This contains essential items, including gloves, a hat, socks, a sleeping bag, a blanket, and thermal garments to be given to an elderly or homeless person (some items vary depending on the individual's living situation).
  • 21 Dec 2015 update Omar Esa Winter Challenge

    Episode 3

    Imagine trying to get to sleep when everything you’re wearing is wet and clinging to your skin, when you’re huddled in a doorway on a cold, hard pavement and you haven’t had a hot drink or food for days. Thankfully for most people, imagining is the closest you’ll get to this. This is the reality for rough sleepers only minutes away from the warmth of your home.

    So this winter, we want to share the warmth with The Rucksack Challenge. The idea is to fill a bag with winter essentials like food, warm layers, a sleeping bag - and give it to a homeless person near you.

  • 13 Jan 2015 update Warm Hearts Winter Campaign 2014

    Since launching our Warm Hearts Winter Campaign in December 2014, we’ve distributed 350 winter kits to the elderly and a further 560 kits to the homeless. The kits include warm winter items such as blankets, scarves, gloves, socks and also includes a sleeping bag for the homeless.  

    Over 450 kgs of food have been given to food banks and soup kitchens to provide the homeless nutritious during the cold weather.

    We still need to reach more of the homeless and the elderly. Please donate.

  • 20 Nov 2013 update 2013 Keep Warm Kits Distribution
    • 1,463 Keep Warm Kits distributed
    • Over 1000 homeless people helped with advice and essential items through partnership with Shelter

  • 20 Dec 2012 update 2012 Keep Warm Kits distributed
    • 2,208 Keep Warm Kits distributed
    • 500 sleeping bags were provided
    • Telephone advice service provided and support towards hardship funds which benefited 1,463 people.