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Muslim Aid’s relief aid and development work encompasses the entire globe. We are currently working actively in over 70 countries and provide on the ground support to some of the most remote and disaster struck regions of the planet through dozens of relief aid programmes and projects which vary from region to region. The Water and Sanitation Programme is one of them, a water project designed specifically for drought prone and water scarce regions. It is not only impacting lives but also changing them for the better.

Muslim Aid Water and Sanitation Programme

Muslim Aid implemented this programme in the Perumping and Cot Kareung Villages in Aceh Besar, Indonesia. Our workers identified a potential lack of water supply in the region that was affecting not just these villages but also the surrounding ones. Muslim Aid constructed 25 ring wells to combat this situation. With the help of Muslim Aid's Water and Sanitation Programme, 117 households were able to benefit from these wells.

Prior to this venture, the villagers were using river water for day-to-day activities such as washing, cooking and bathing. This posed a huge health risk. Now with 25 wells constructed, the villagers are safe from unhygienic water and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. It is one less thing for them to worry about. The villagers couldn’t be happier.

"Our community is happier because of this," said Marlina of the Perumping village. “Now, we have an alternative for the water source, which is healthier and good for us.”

However Muslim Aid did not stop there. Providing residents with clean water is part of the job. Educating them about the benefits of doing so and of the importance of safe hygiene practice is another infinitely important goal of Muslim Aid. We were also instrumental in creating awareness among people and provided them training on safe hygiene practice and maintenance of well systems.

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What We Do

Our work incorporates building infrastructure, improving sanitation and developing hygiene awareness programmes. We put clean water at the heart of every community we work with. We seek to minimise environmental impact through new innovations


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