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Coronavirus Emergency

Last year (March 2020), the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a global pandemic. COVID-19 is now affecting over 200 countries around the world and claiming millions of lives. Donate now to deliver more protection from as little as £30.

Coronavirus Emergency: Deliver More Protection

No matter where you are in the world, everybody has been touched by COVID-19. Our lifestyles, education and way of working has transformed, we have lost many loved ones and the burden on our healthcare systems has been unprecedented.

Imagine then, how COVID-19 has impacted countries where access to healthcare is already lacking.

Since the start of the global pandemic, more than 2.5 million people have died from COVID-19 worldwide. *

At Muslim Aid, we have been doing all we can to raise awareness, provide sanitation and protect the most vulnerable from the spread of COVID-19. But the pandemic continues, and more protection is needed.

This is a continuing serious health emergency.

We need your help to protect those who are most vulnerable and protect our world. Our emergency response is concentrated on those living in poverty and the greatest need across Somalia, Sudan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Yemen.

Your support means more than ever before to ensure that those living in poverty and at immediate risk can receive:

£30 Could go towards our coronavirus emergency fund.

£60 Could provide food packs or cash transfers to families

£120 Could provide hygiene and testing kits to prevent the spread of COVID-19

£150 Could deliver protective equipment and preventative treatments to vulnerable families.

£300 Could provide food pack for 5 families. 

For the sake of the world, we need your help in the fight against COVID-19.

Donate now and you can help vulnerable people at risk.

Please remember:

To ensure that we can stop the spread of disease, we strongly encourage all our supporters to follow government guidelines and practice social distancing.  Adhering to this advice and your support to our emergency appeal is paramount to protect community, national and international health.

* WHO data, January 2021. For latest figure click here.

Funds raised from this emergency will go towards the global emergency appeal, supporting this emergency as well as many others across the globe.

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