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Gaza Livelihood Appeal

In Gaza today 65% of families live on less than US$2 per day! 72% of families food insecure and four in five are dependent on aid. Your help could give them a chance to earn a livelihood, escape the cycle of poverty and achieve dignity. Donate now to change lives.

Gazan’s Dream of Better Days

The suffering of the people of Gaza seems unending, trapped in a vicious cycle of conflict and poverty they long for the days of peace and security, Gazans do not want to be forever reliant on hand to mouth aid. They want to break out of the brutal cycle of poverty. The people of Gaza dream of the day when they can transform their lives for the better. Muslim Aid Gaza Livelihood programme offers them that very opportunity.

By empowering and enabling farmers to become self-sufficient and increase their income they are given the ability to provide for themselves and their families for generations to come.

Help Transform Lives

Help restore, rehabilitate and return to productivity agricultural land, support the constructions of water irrigation networks and provide Gaza’s farmers the means to buy tools seeds, crops ,and fertiliser to secure an income for their families, and to generate employment. Donate now give the poorest and most vulnerable people in Gaza a chance to transform their lives for good.

£64 – Could give life to dead land (Cleaning, Levelling and ploughing)

£120 – Could provide a farmer with crops, seeds and fertiliser

£300 – Could help to install water irrigation networks

Case study

During the 2014 war Ghazi Heji’s agricultural land totally destroyed leaving unable to adequately provide for the needs of his 9 children. For 4 years, he tried to rehabilitate his land in order feed his family, but is inability to achieve this meant he fell in to depressions.

Ghazi was identified by Muslim Aid to receive support to though our Gaza Livelihood progranme. His land was selected for rehabilitation and planting.
Despite facing many challenges Ghazi’s spirit and dedication to restore his land, meant Ghazi is now fully capable of cultivating his land, earning a regular incoming and breaking out of the cycle of poverty. “for four years that I’ve been struggling to reach this point, I have always imagined that God will respond to me and he did through Muslim Aid. Thank you!” Ghazi said.

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