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Over 4 million Syrians displaced.

More than 2 million took refuge in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

Millions within Syria living in poor and substandard conditions.

Tens of thousands of Syrian protesters imprisoned and tortured.

These are the latest estimates coming out of war torn Syria, a country that once was a beacon of peace and scenic beauty. Today, it represents a failed state in complete turmoil and chaos. Millions of Syrians have fled the country and many more are trapped because they simply have nowhere else to go. There is a clear shortage of food and clean water and an ever-growing mortality rate. People of Syria need your help. Do your part in saving an innocent life. Donate to Syria through Muslim Aid’s Syria Relief Campaign.

What Muslim Aid Has Done For Syrian Refugees

Muslim Aid has been at the forefront of the Syrian Relief Campaign ever since the crisis erupted. We continue to provide life-saving emergency relief for Syrian refugees living on the Jordan and Lebanon border and other neighbouring countries.  Here is a look at what we have done:

In Lebanon – The number of Syrian refugees has increased significantly in Lebanon, particularly in the northern and eastern regions of Lebanon. Muslim Aid is currently providing shelter to over 2100 Syrian families who fled to Lebanon to save their lives. The fact that NGO activity in these regions remains low has not deterred us from our mission. We have been conducting needs assessment in the area and have already started distributing emergency aid comprising of food and non-food items. In the Bekka Valley in eastern Lebanon, we distributed blankets and sanitary items to over 500 Syrian families.

In Jordan – Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees flock to the border, most of them badly hurt, injured and in dire need of medical assistance. We have two medical clinics up and running in Al-Ramtha and Al-Mafraq along the Jordan border, providing specialised care to Syrian refugees. They are receiving free treatment and medication at these clinics. These clinics have been instrumental in saving innocent lives including new born babies and have provided pregnant women with maternal care.

Inside Syria – Muslim Aid is actively working on the ground within Syrian borders with other partners and affiliates in distributing invaluable aid to people living in the main cities as well as rural areas of Syria totally deprived of normal living conditions. We recently distributed hygiene packs to 3,500 families providing them with much needed toiletries and accessories. An additional 3,000 families were given food parcels containing one whole month’s food supply primarily because of the donations we received from our donors.

Donate to Syria – Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid urges all our valued donors and followers to do their part and help the people who became refugees overnight. They didn’t ask for this. They woke up one day and had to run for their lives. Muslim Aid is committed to providing relief aid to Syria. We will ensure that every donation we collect from our Syria Relief Campaigns is spent for the betterment of Syrian refugees.

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