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Muslim Aid Blog

  • Dig a well campaign

    Dig A Well And Make a Difference

    30th November, 2014

    There is an enormous amount of charity work being carried out all over the world. So many remote areas exist today that still lack some of the necessities of life. Furthermore, there are…

  • Elderly and Fuel Poverty in London: Muslim Aid's warm kits bring comfort to many elderly in winter

    Elderly and Fuel Poverty in London: Muslim Aid’s warm kits bring comfort to many elderly in winter

    28th November, 2014

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting a group of eight Bengali women at the Tonybee Hall, a community organisation that aims to build a strong local community and improve people’s…

  • Top 5 tips to help the elderly this winter

    24th November, 2014

    With the weather changing this winter, the days and nights can become colder. It’s important to remember the elderly, especially those who live alone and are unwell. Over 31,000 people…

  • World Toilet Day 2014

    19th November, 2014

    A significant step towards achieving goals of humanitarian aid Having an adequate toilet facility is one of the important basic necessities of life. It is a matter that not only relates…

  • Child Sponsorship, A Dire Necessity For Syrian Children

    10th November, 2014

    It is a sad state of affairs to see and hear of the war, famine, and suffering on the news. There seems to be no end to it, and it is evident that people are suffering. There is the Syria…

  • New Medical Supplies Arrive in Gaza

    8th November, 2014

    The last few months have been particularly hard on the people of Gaza. Too many innocent lives have been lost, and for many the misery continues. The good news for now is that the…

  • Get Involved In Muslim Aid Programmes

    5th November, 2014

    If you have some time to spare, or you are a person who is deeply concerned about your community,then Muslim Aid would be a good place for you to use your energies and skills. From…

  • Surviving Syrian Winters

    2nd November, 2014

    In some parts of the world, there is nothing more welcoming after baking summer season than the chilly winds of winter. Of course these weather extremes, like anything extreme, can be a…