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Muslim Aid Blog

  • Dig A Well For A Better Tomorrow

    1st July, 2014

    When it comes to charity work, there is no such thing as a big deed or a small one. All charity work regardless of scope is invaluable particularly when it has the potential to impact the…

  • Sponsoring Orphans, A Great Form Of Charity

    1st July, 2014

    Giving charity isn’t just a kind gesture, it is also a highly rewarding deed in Islam. A true act of compassion, charity is regarded as Sunnah in Islam, a deed deeply loved and highly…

  • School Feeding Programme By Muslim Aid

    1st July, 2014

    Relief aid and development work is not limited to food rations and medicine. It has a much larger scope and an even larger target audience. Muslim Aid has been involved in different types of…

  • Give something back this Ramadan

    30th June, 2014

    Ramadan is a month of earning as well as giving; Muslims earn blessings by spending most of their time in prayer and meditation and there are countless opportunities to benefit from in this…

  • Improving your Ramadan experience

    30th June, 2014

    The holy month of Ramadan brings an enlightening experience for all Muslims. There are countless rewards and will and determination play a big role in this month. Muslims seek repentance for…

  • Is Child Sponsorship Your Responsibility?

    30th June, 2014

    Short answer, no. There is no obligation in Islam or any religion for that matter that command its followers to sponsor children or those who are orphans. There is no denying it’s a…

  • 19 hours long fast for Muslims in the United Kingdom

    29th June, 2014

    The Holy month of Ramadan will surely be testing the Taqwa of some Muslims this year as reports that Muslims living in Britain will be fasting for an estimated 19…

  • Ramadan 2014 Checklist

    29th June, 2014

    The blessed month of Ramadan is here. Muslims around the world are rejoicing at Ramadan’s arrival, because it is the month of unlimited blessings. It is a month of forgiveness,…

  • Muslim Aid Eid Gift Programme

    1st June, 2014

    Ramadan will be arriving in just a month or so. Already there is much buzz about it as millions of Muslims around the world eagerly await its arrival. After all, it is the month of blessings…