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A £3 Donation Can Make All the Difference for a Child

Anytime is a great time to give charity. In Ramadan, this gesture carries even more significance and rewards, though one should never pass up an opportunity to help other people, especially those who live in poverty. 

Muslim Aid has taken a step to harness this enthusiasm from Muslims all over the world and our various campaigns have helped those most in need.

A £10 monthly donation can make a huge difference for a child. At Muslim Aid we understand that it can be hardtop donate to charity when you have your own needs to consider. Hence the reason for the monthly donation programme, where you can give as little as £3 per month, with minimal impact to your own outgoings. This might be a small amount, but for a child suffering from disease and hunger in areas like Syria or Myanmar, it could be a matter of life and death. Your donation will help fight hunger and poverty and ensure children in war affected or disaster struck areas or those living as refugees get proper food and medical care.

The Syria crisis has displaced millions of people. The situation in Myanmar rages on with no end in sight. The people of Palestine are suffering. So many people need help. So many children need food and clothes. It falls to us, as citizens of humanity to answer their call for help. Children who are faced with unimaginable circumstances simply because they happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time need us to deliver. While a £3 donation goes a long way for a child, a £50 donation could feed a family of five for one whole month.

Poverty and hunger are some of the most daunting challenges any relief aid organization must face. About 870 million people are chronically hungry and severely malnourished in the world today. This is a staggering number consider we are a planet of 8 billion people. A similar report shows that around 4,000 people in developing countries die from contaminated and polluted water every year. Muslim Aid’s poverty reduction programs such as the Dig A Well are playing a huge part in solving the issues of hunger and poverty. We also have other programmes specifically designed to address issues of livelihood, health and nutrition, education, microfinance, child sponsorship and so on.

You can get involved in Muslim Aid programmes and do your part to make other people’s lives better. Be the change that helps save human lives and enables refugee children to get an education and sickly people can get the medical care and treatment they deserve. For as little as £3 a month you can make all that change happen. Don’t hesitate. Get involved today! For more information details of all of our campaigns are available online.

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