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A Means to a New End

It’s that time of year again; we have officially seen the last of the summer weather for the year and the kids have all gone back to school. Everywhere we look, there are uniforms to be washed and ironed, homework to be finished and nutritious packed lunches to be made every day.

A Means to a New End

Now, as we head towards half term it sinks in that we are approaching the end of the year. Forget the new trousers, shirts, shoes, PE kits, rucksacks, pencil cases and more that were bought just a few months ago, now we need to buy winter coats and comfortable shoes for the colder weather ahead of us.

It can be hard not to get carried away, giving our children the best of everything in order for them to have an education that leaves them in good standing for their future lives. We place such emphasis on our children’s education maybe because we feel they have real potential, or perhaps because we don’t want our offspring to miss out on anything – because that’s the least the deserve out of life.

Every child on earth deserves this chance in life and every child deserves to know their true potential and to be given the opportunity to test their abilities and worldly intelligence.

The children of today are the faces of our tomorrow and when we are old, they will be the generation that takes over, building a life for their children, and their children's children as we have.

Here at Muslim Aid, we believe in giving every child that amazing start in life, with an education to help them on their way. This is because every single child deserves the opportunity to flourish and make their mark in the world – and, for many, this includes the chance to work their way out of the poverty that they have grown up with.

You, too, can be a part of this vision, and donate towards a child’s education with Muslim Aid today.

Your contribution - no matter how big or small - could go a long way in developing a child’s mind and helping them to eradicate poverty from their life, enough to be able to sustain their own development and pioneer their own future.

Sponsor a child’s education for as little as 82p a day, with Muslim Aid; let’s make the world a better place – not just for their today, but for our tomorrow.


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