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Continuing the Rewards

So we all know that giving to charity in The Holy month of Ramadan has an increased reward, but is this the only reason we support organisations? Or do we keep on giving?


Are the issues people face on a daily basis resolved after Ramadan?


Do the good causes we donate to vanish or do they still exist?


Of course they still exist! Our continuous support is needed during Ramadan and beyond.


Every day, somewhere in the world, an innocent child is orphaned, families lose their belongings and homes and the elderly are starved.


Conflict, war, disease, famine or just pure poverty, whatever the reason may be, the solution is still you. Us.


Throughout the year, Muslim Aid continues in its aim to deliver support and relief aid to those who need it around the world. With many of our ongoing campaigns, such as child sponsorship, dig a well, our UK development programmes and emergency appeals; there is always someone that needs our help.


With campaigns such as fighting blindness, helping orphans and widows, promoting education, providing healthcare, water and sanitation, skills training, providing shelter and so much more, there is no end to what we can do to help. No matter how big or small the gesture, Allah SWT rewards us all the same for our intention, insha’Allah (God willing).


Help isn’t just restricted to financial donations though. Help can also be delivered in the form of volunteering. Muslim Aid has many opportunities for you to get actively involved in, so to help us in our mission to make the world a better place, view here today.


However you may decide to help, be it time or money, ensure you continue to reap the rewards post-Ramadan.


So, maintain your part after Ramadan and be the gift that carries on giving. Donate to Muslim Aid and continue to make that difference in the world we all want to see.


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