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Don’t Turn a Blind Eye

We don’t often realise how much we take for granted in this world. The human being is never satisfied; there is always a complaint about something or other. We all want perfection in every sense. But have we defined what is perfect? Who judges perfection? Is it judged by mind or image? Is it judged by wealth or status? Is it judged by act or intention?

Isn’t it all a test from Allah SWT to begin with? Isn’t it the very reason the poor and needy exist?

But human greed is where we trip and fall. One who has money wants yet more money; too much is never enough and the sky’s the limit. If a man has made his millions, he is already thinking about how he can double or triple that. Success is a goal the majority of us share, but how do we measure success is the question on our minds?

Life on earth is just temporary, right? Our bank accounts won’t account for our deeds on the day of Judgement. Our worldly belongings are precisely just that; worldly. It is our actions and intentions while we are here, and what we do with our wealth.

On the other hand, there are so many of us who don’t see the reality of what is in front of us. We take everything at face value and perhaps end up judging a book by its cover, without even thinking twice. For instance, there are so many wealthy people in this world that may also have health problems; they may have family problems or relationship problems. There are so many that are not very wealthy, but they have their health, their families and blessings around them.

There is enough of everything in this world to feed each human being, each animal, each living thing, each plant; Allah SWT has made a process for everything. Yet we find it so easy to lavish in our own luxurious lives and not give thought to those who have little or nothing.

We find ourselves complaining at the smallest insignificance in life, at any small difficulty or challenge we have had to face. Someone who thinks he may not have much may have everything in the eyes of another.

Some of us categorise ourselves into poor, struggling, comfortable or wealthy. This is all relative in the eyes of the world, though. How rich are you in the eyes of Allah SWT?

We know we are here for an extremely short time, yet we leave things until tomorrow. We forget that tomorrow is never promised or guaranteed.

Brothers and sisters, nothing in this world is ours forever; while we are here, let’s share our wealth and help those who don’t even have a fraction of what we do.

True wealth is what we take back with us, what the eyes cannot see, it is immaterial.  

Our limbs, our eyes, our senses play such a big part in our lives that it is difficult to imagine coping without them. Today you have two legs and two arms; tomorrow you could have just half of that or none at all.

What choice would you have but to adapt with what you have left? If your hearing was taken away from you tomorrow, would you cope? If your sight got taken away from you tomorrow, how would you get about your daily life?

Can’t fathom the thought, can we? We are so accustomed to what we have that we forget how blessed we really are. Ask those who have lost their eyes, their limbs, their voice, and their loved ones.

There are thousands of children out there who cannot see, hear or speak. It isn’t something that cannot be changed, though. A difference can still be made.

Muslim Aid is involved in many different projects and campaigns in its mission to help those who are in need of your help. Support Muslim Aid in its mission to make a difference.

What we have been given isn’t ours, it is to share. How can we exist knowing there are millions out there who haven’t a fraction of what we have?

With projects such as fighting child blindness, healthcare, water and sanitation, and much more besides, together, we have the opportunity to see the world through their eyes for a change.

With your support, Muslim Aid can make that difference.

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