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Four Things Your Donations Pay For

Two million Syrian refugees are living in different parts of the world. Most of them are concentrated in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. While more relief camps are being set up and aid is continuously coming in, the number is huge especially when it comes to people who need accommodation, food, and clothing. Donations from valued donors provide these items for the refugees; however, their scope goes beyond which will be the topic of today’s post. Today we will talk about four things that your donations are paying for in the Syria conflict.

1. Medicine and Vaccinations

The makeshift hospitals like the ones at the Zataari Boot Camp are operating at full capacity. With refugees still trickling in, it has become next to impossible to manage and operate a hospital properly. The influx of refugees is far greater than the aid that is coming in. Medicines are in short supply. More importantly, vaccinations for children and new born babies are almost depleted. Your donations ensure that these vaccinations are paid for and shipped at the earliest convenience.

2. Surgical Equipment and Devices

Not everyone crossing the border is in the best of health. Many of the refugees come with injuries from the violence and bloodshed they so desperately tried to escape. Some of them are in dire need of surgery; surgery that requires proper equipment and the right doctor to be successful. Both, unfortunately, have been in short supply in Syria despite the best international efforts on the ground. There are simply way too many refuges and a great many of them have been victims of violence in Syria. Donations from valued donors ensure relief aid agencies send out a team of doctors along with the right surgical equipment and devices and even morphine so that the wounded are properly taken care of.

3. Books and School Supplies

In times of conflict, children tend to suffer worse than most. For Syrian children, this is an understatement. They have been faced with extremely brutal circumstances. In a fortnight their life changed. They found themselves searching for food and water on the other side of the border in an unknown country where no one knows anyone. Their books had been taken from them. Donations provide school supplies and books for these children. There are two makeshift schools in the Zataari Refugee Camps and many more similar kinds in other parts of the world where Syrian children are getting a proper education. Not only it keeps their education going, it even takes their minds off the stress in their real life, even if it is just for a few hours.

4. Blankets

The Syrian winter is as harsh as the summer season. There are only so many people that can be fitted inside makeshift tents and shelters. Rest have to spend their nights outdoors in the cold. This puts the lives of hundreds of thousands of refugees in great danger. Blankets are one of the most sought after items this time around. Your donations ensures a Syrian family keeps warm, even when they are outside.

For more information on how you can help the people of Syria, browse Muslim Aid’s website and participate in the Syria Relief Aid Campaign. Take action today because with each passing day, the nights get colder and the future of these refugees grows bleak.

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