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How Muslim Aid TV is Helping in Relief Aid Work

Technology has been instrumental in improving lives and lifestyles. The internet, for example, has been particularly crucial in doing so over the last few decades. It has revolutionised industries, created new disciplines and niches and even refined and redefined certain processes completely. New tools and technologies have led to innovations and concepts.
YouTube, once regarded as a seasonal trend and harmless luxury, is now a vital form of communication today. It is an indispensable tool used to interact, inspire, exchange ideas and talk about important events. Muslim Aid has been using YouTube as a means of communication and interaction with our supporters and donors. We have utilised this indispensable tool to improve our relief aid processes and charity work.
Our Channel on YouTube, known as MuslimAidUK, currently has over 700 subscribers and is growing fast. Muslim Aid uses this YouTube channel for a multitude of purposes; all geared towards creating a better tomorrow for the thousands of people who are in need of help. Here is how Muslim Aid is making a change.
Creating Awareness
Since the majority of our work revolves around relief aid campaigns and charity work, campaign awareness is a vital part of our business model. People need to be informed of campaign progress and videos are a great way to do just that. In addition to current campaigns, we also talk about other potential relief aid regions where the situation requires immediate attention. Any sudden or unforeseeable events like natural disasters that take their toll on human life must be discussed, and the needs of the people affected by it should be addressed. A good example of that is the floods in Pakistan and the Typhoon in the Philippines that left hundreds of thousands of people homeless.
Running Telethons
Campaigns like Syria Relief Aid and Gaza Emergency Appeal are a year-round project. Unexpected disasters like the ones mentioned above need aid as fast as possible. Digital Media and Television is an ideal way to provide funding for such campaigns. We host telethons on TV; where we collect pledges from callers, and we also put it on YouTube so the online community can get involved.
Interacting with People believes in carrying out relief aid work both internationally as well as locally. Our Warm Hearts Campaign is featured on our YouTube page. Campaigns like this allow us to interact with our friends, donors and supporters online as well as interact with struggling communities in the United Kingdom. We have a large number of international sponsors and supporters as well and our Video Channel serves as a great place for them to catch up on what we are doing and even share their own thoughts about relief aid.
We urge our viewers to check out Muslim Aid’s YouTube channel. Subscribe to it too. You will learn about the latest developments and the challenges people in different parts of the world are facing. You will also get the opportunity to volunteer and get involved in some local events that Muslim Aid hosts all year long such as seminars, fundraisers, and community gatherings. Get involved with the Muslim Aid family and do your part in changing people’s lives.

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