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In this particularly sheltered life of ours, there is so much we take for granted on a daily basis.

Emergency services, for example - should the need arise for advice or a check-up, just to make sure everything is working as it should, there are emergency doctor and ambulance call out services. In addition to that, we have health advice lines, doctor surgeries, pharmacies, walk-in centres, accident and emergency and even the internet for reference and peace of mind. 

Should we be involved in a car accident, the emergency services are on hand almost immediately to ensure our health is intact. If this is not the case, it becomes their responsibility to try and save our lives, in whichever way they can. Getting us to the hospital where doctors and nurses await our arrival and rush to our aid, trying to fix us up and piece us back together; they do whatever it takes. 

In the United Kingdom, this is all included in the privilege that is the National Health Service; although many of us will still find scope to complain. Another popular option many individuals go for is private medical treatment. Some workplaces have the added employee benefit of staff health and medical insurance, and, in some cases, life insurance. 

There are all sorts of medications out there; painkillers for bodily aches and pains, inhalers for those with breathing problems, stabilisers for those with heart problems, vitamins for those with bone issues, insulin for those with diabetes; the list could go on. 

There are also specific pieces of equipment and procedures for investigating health, such as x-rays, scans, operations and other procedures and examinations. 

Then there’s always post-accident care; dressings for wounds, casts for broken bones, plasters for cuts, instruments for theatre operations, wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames, and so on. 

You will hear people talking about the vitamins or supplements they take daily to boost hair or nail growth, promote healthy skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles or reduce or increase something or the other. Enhancement surgery, vision correcting surgery, fat removal surgery, body enhancing surgery; is there no end to what people can do or achieve? 

Wow. What an incredible world we live in; where we would rush to a child’s aid in a blind panic to see to a minor cut or bruise, or undergo cosmetic surgery to satisfy our appearance, yet we are aware of the poor children and people amongst us who are being violated on a daily basis. A small cut or bruise is hardly going to be at the forefront of their minds. There is always the chance that they will be hurting from the mental scars of seeing their loved ones being shot, their homes being blown up and the physical pain of their injuries. 

W often do not realise the true meaning of how much pain there is in this world. Somewhere, a child’s strength is being tested to the absolute limit – both physically and mentally, yet we still witness that child scream “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is Great). Allah will bring us to justice. 

Patience is something we do not know the true meaning of, either. Patience is practised by those who are constantly wronged, for no reason. We are all Allah SWT’s creation, so who gives anyone the right to bring harm to Allah’s belonging? Only Allah SWT knows of those who will need to answer for themselves on the Day of Judgement. 

What about the rest of us? What about those of us who are consistently aware of what is going on around us, yet we choose to do nothing about it? 

The majority of us are in a position to help or come to the aid of our fellow human being’s that need us, but we find ourselves going about our own daily business with more urgency. 

This is the emphasis we put on our health, in particular, because as they say “health always comes first”; does this only apply to us? Where do human rights come into the equation? What is so special about us that we think we wouldn’t be tested in the same way? 

So, the next time something happens to you that you would otherwise find drastic; think of those patient children before you ask yourself the question “why me?” 

There are measures that we, as a community, can take to try and ensure that we at least try and help those in need, one way or another. 

We can partake in child sponsorship, donate to an emergency appeal, feed the hungry or give regular charity to those who need it the most. 

Your donations will go a long way towards providing medical aid and assistance to those around the world who are in desperate need of it. We aren’t talking about pain relief for a headache, either; we are talking about broken limbs and other serious injuries. 

Remember, charity giving isn’t just limited to monetary donations; volunteering your time, taking part in a fundraising activity or even spreading the word is a form of charity, too. 

So, whether you choose to volunteer your time, gather sponsors and set up a fundraiser, or simply donate to Muslim Aid; Inshallah, we pray that Allah SWT rewards you and your efforts in the Hereafter, Ameen. 

Donate to Muslim Aid today; join us in serving humanity.

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