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Make the Right Choice

Food, food, food. We all like our food. We all need food. We have unlimited choices for numerous different foods. We also have many tastes and differences when it comes to food. Some of us will eat anything; some of us enjoy simple foods, some exotic and rare foods and then some of us will choose not to eat certain things in particular.


Of course, food being halal is of the utmost importance, but why don’t we think beyond that? We have become so fussy and spoilt in today’s world that we don’t even think before we speak of nourishment. The words “I fancy this” or “I don’t feel like that” and even “that’s disgusting” are heard on a daily basis amongst us all. Little do we know, but that there are thousands of people out there who would give an arm and a leg just to eat what we throw away on a daily basis. Yet here we are, in our small bubble of a temporary ignorant world, trying to decide out of the thousands, nay, millions of options available to us; what it is that we feel like eating. How ungrateful have we become? Get invloved with us here at Muslim Aid today and make the world a better place.


It all comes down to choices. Choices are given to us without attainment. Choices, something a lot of people don’t have today. Where some of us waste and devalue our sustenance here, people would do anything for there. Where we eat bread, others are dreaming of bread when all they can do is eat grass instead. Where we have so many options to choose from when we want a drink, some are out there looking for any water, often dirty water, just to quench their thirst.


16th October 2015 brings you World Food Day. Brothers and sisters, if not any other day, let’s use this day to remember our many brothers and sisters out there with no nutrition or water to satisfy their hunger or thirst. Let’s unite, let us share our food and our wealth with those who have no choices, no options available. World poverty is a reality, and reducing that poverty is our choice. A choice we must make.


Donate to in its bid to reducing world poverty today; be it volunteering for those in need or helping to provide for those in need, make the right choice today and feed the hungry.

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