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Materialistically Yours

Allah SWT has created us humans with wants, needs, feelings, emotions and desires. We, ourselves, control our minds and how we want to operate and act upon this.

There are many things seen in this world which we want and wish for; and we develop a passion for things, whether we are materialistic or not.

Brothers and sisters, this world is but a temporary gap in the long journey that we are embarking, a mere drop in the ocean but this is something we often fail to realise.

The majority of us often get confused with what we want and need in this temporary life. Some of our lives revolve around materialistic value and some do not, only Allah SWT is our judge.

Let’s say, for example; you have a wedding to go to tomorrow; you have numerous pairs of shoes in varying styles but you need the correct shoes to go with your outfit or you will look silly.

At the other end of the spectrum, there is a poor man walking the streets. He has just lost his home and his family and he has no shoes on his scarred feet as he walks painfully along the pebbles and shards of debris that remain. He has no footwear at all, let alone a choice.  

Who needs new shoes now? Who has the need and who has the want? There is a huge difference, right?

When you put it into perspective like that, we are rather selfish in our position, aren't we? Where colours and style are the key element to our dress rather than the purpose it should originally serve, itself.

Another example; to marry is to complete half of our deen, Mash Allah, such importance is held in the act of marriage in Islam. Nowadays, we see so many youngsters getting married which is a joyous thing, but how are these marriages performed?

Gone are those virtuous days of when the Holy Qur’an was recited following a nikkah ceremony and is now replaced with the likes of drums and music. The exquisite and increasingly expensive outfits, ornate jewellery, venue beautification and acts of culture; this isn't Islam.

The amount of money spent on beautifying this day is enormous. Have we ever thought to ourselves ‘how many unfortunate people in need this could feed?’

None of these worldly goods belong to us - neither in this world or the Hereafter. This world and its material are both temporary, do no hold on to things that have no value.

As cited, nobody is our judge but Allah SWT, but we have been created with a conscience. Give those in need a thought as well. Donate to Muslim Aid or towards a cause that suits you. Allah SWT will reward you for your generosity Insha’Allah. Ameen.

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