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Muslim Aid and You: Warming Hearts since 2012

As the season's change and the colder weather begins to set in, we will soon find ourselves layering clothes, reaching for the hot water bottle and switching on the central heating – perhaps a little more often than we’d like to admit.

All around us, hidden in plain sight, just a stone's throw away from our warm and comfortable homes, there are many homeless and elderly people preparing to face their most vulnerable time of year: autumn and winter. Many of these individuals are alone, with no support network around them to help them back on their feet. There are many that suffer from weather-related health conditions that when left untreated, can often prove fatal, right beneath our noses.

In addition to this, the current rise in energy bill costs and an increase in living expenses can turn the next few months into a particularly challenging time.

What would you do if you didn’t have the option of  switching on the heating, or putting on warmer clothes as you snuggle beneath your cosy blanket?

How would you deal with life on the streets, with a permanent chill setting in?

How would you deal with a home that you can’t afford to heat, without additional income to buy food that will nourish and protect you from the cold weather?

So many of these illnesses and deaths are easily preventable and can be combatted with just a few simple essentials.

 his issue is why Muslim Aid launched the Warm Hearts Winter Campaign many years ago, where, with your help and support, we managed to distribute thousands of “Keep Warm Kits”, which consist of food, sleeping bags, socks, blankets, hats, gloves and other warm essentials to help keep those in need warm during the cold season.

Not only this, your support also went a long way in helping Muslim Aid work closely with local homeless shelters, building support networks for the elderly and funding soup kitchens across the UK.

With your continuous help, support and donations, we aim to continue our mission of warming some more hearts this winter.

Your contribution could go a long way in helping Muslim Aid to help many thousands of those who are struggling, to get through the blistering cold months that are yet to come. For example, £50 can provide a Keep Warm Kit to help keep a heart warm this winter. Alternatively, you could also partake in our Rucksack Challenge. This involves filling a rucksack with warm winter essentials and donating it to a homeless person near you. To take part, simply sign up here.

Donate now and help spread the warmth again this winter, with Muslim Aid.

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