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Muslim Aid Challenges You in May

21st May 2015 marks the annual ‘One Day Without Shoes Day’, which challenges people all around the world to spend a day without shoes. Though a simple task, the concept and message behind this day is far from light-hearted and allows people to raise awareness for those who don’t have access to this type of clothing and protection.


Tens of thousands of individuals around the world struggle day to day because they don’t have access to necessities like shoes and clothing. Though, in the UK and similar countries, we are lucky enough to have these essentials in abundance, many are less fortunate. That is why we challenge each and every one of you to take part in One Day Without Shoes Day this May, to help support and raise awareness for a good cause.


You see, Muslim Aid have been at the forefront of providing essentials, such as clothing, to adults and children alike around the world who don’t have access to such necessities; all in an effort to support them in their daily lives. Some of the regions we have provided for include Syria, as part of our winter campaign and others, and Gaza, to spread celebrations of Eid, amongst other charity programmes that have received support from the UK.


Too often do we take for granted what has become like second nature. So, on 21st May 2015, we challenge you to go just one day without shoes, to show your support for those less fortunate than ourselves.


We’d love to hear about how your ‘One Day Without Shoes Day’ was as well, so feel free to contact us via email, as we all make a unified effort to raise awareness for a good cause.


Alternatively, you can see what official events we have coming up to get involved in or make a donation to one of our existing campaigns, like our Myanmar Appeal. For more information, please see our website or get in touch today.

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