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Part 2 Muslim Aids A-Z Of Charity

Part Two: G - M

Here, at Muslim Aid, we strive to consistently deliver aid and provide assistance to those in need on a global level, and we need your support to do this. There are millions of people around the world that are living in less fortunate circumstances than ourselves, but we believe it is our duty to try and make a difference in their lives – we are committed to serving humanity. 

In a bid to demonstrate the sheer amount of people who need our support, we continue with the second part of our A-Z Charity special. 


Due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, many thousands of civilians lack basic everyday items such as nutrition and sanitation in order to get by. You can continue to show your support by contributing towards the Gaza emergency appealhere

Healthcare & Nutrition

The majority of emergency appeals and crisis’ worldwide result in a major lack of nutrition and sanitation for all those involved. Many survivors die purely from lack of nourishment or medical aid. Help us make a difference by contributing towards this cause.  


Almost a million children in Iraq lack access to even the most basic education. Contribute towards educating children in Iraq today with Muslim Aid. 

Sadaqah Jariyah

The term sadaqah jariyah means ongoing charity. This is the act of contributing towards an issue that needs continual support. For example, building a well will ensure clean water for many people over many years to come, which in turn, gives you as much ongoing reward and blessing – this is a form of sadaqah jariyah. Sponsoring a child’s education will provide them with the necessary skills to enable them to build themselves a future, and generate a stable income for themselves– this is also classed as an ongoing act of charity.

Our current Mosul Emergency Appeal is working towards helping those most in need in northern Iraq.


The term kaffarah applies to a person who deliberately breaks their fast during the month of Ramadan. It is a form of forfeit in which they are liable to feed 60 needy people for every missed fast. 


Many thousands of civilians of war-torn countries worldwide have lost their livelihood through conflict or natural disaster. You can help empower those people and help them progress toward regaining their livelihoods with Muslim Aid. 


With The Muslim Aid Microfinance programme, we can provide individuals in need with interest-free micro credit to enable them to secure a future. Access to funds can enable individuals to set up small businesses, create jobs and eventually help lift their communities out of poverty. 

Look out for part three of our A-Z Charity special, to be published here soon. 

If you would like to contribute towards any of the above campaigns or projects or would like any further information on how to donate to Muslim Aid, contact our team on 020 7377 4200 today.

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