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Polio Spreading Fast in Syria

Initial reports out of Syria confirm multiple cases of Polio reported both on the borders with Lebanon and within the country. To date, 13 children have been crippled by it making this the first suspected outbreak of polio in Syria in 14 years.

Polio is regarded as one of those illnesses that human beings have complete supremacy over and have almost completely eradicated from the planet. New born babies are given Polio drops during the initial months to make them completely immune but this sudden occurrence, among multiple victims, is indicative that Polio still lives in some of the most deeply affected parts of the world. Innocent lives are at risk of being crippled if they are not given proper vaccinations and Polio drops in time.

Syria used to maintain a healthy Polio vaccination check back when things were peaceful. The country had a 95% vaccination rate. Now its 45% according to a survey conducted in 2013. Immunisations have been impossible to carry out ever since the Syrian crisis unfolded and worsened. A third of the country’s public hospitals are completely deserted and up to 70% of the total health workforce has left the country.

The recent Polio cases were detected in late October 2013. This current strain of Polio first originated in Pakistan according to the World Health Organisation. Factoring in the current political situation and the rate at which it is spreading, there is a growing concern that Polio could not only spread quickly within Syria but across the border to other countries as well such as Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

Over 4 million Syrians have relocated to less volatile areas near the borders. Unfortunately these areas are extremely overcrowded and very unsanitary. There are many relief aid camps on the other side of the border that house hundreds of thousands of refugees that are in much better shape though aid must be provided to the millions on the other side of the border as well. Pregnant women are giving birth in dangerous conditions putting themselves and their babies’ health at great risk. Even worse is the situation for these new born babies who are completely vulnerable to contracting diseases because of lack of immunisations and Polio drops.

This is where we can make a difference by making a financial contribution to charity and relief aid organisations to help Syrian brothers and sisters in their time of need. Muslim Aid has been at the forefront of this cause since the early stages of the Syrian crisis. They have successfully delivered month long food rations to over 3500 families in the recent weeks. Their relief aid workers are on the ground providing aid to Syria in the form of medical assistance, food, clothing and shelter to the hundreds of thousands of people that have been affected by this tragedy. Your contribution will buy medicines, warm clothes and other vital supplies that will be help save and possibly change these people’s lives.

Don’t let Polio win this war. Save a new born baby today. Make a donation for a good cause.

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