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School Feeding Programme By Muslim Aid

Relief aid and development work is not limited to food rations and medicine. It has a much larger scope and an even larger target audience. Muslim Aid has been involved in different types of humanitarian work in different parts of the world. For instance, our Dig a Well projects in Sri Lanka have been a notable success. Over the course of 5 years, Muslim Aid built around 1000 wells and provided access to free and clean water to the local residents. Recently, a similar project was launched in Bangladesh.

School Feeding Programme by Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid initiated this programme in 2013. The key emphasis was to monitor the condition of local schools in an effected area and to ensure they are not only getting the right education but also the right meals; healthy meals to be precise. In 2013, Muslim Aid signed an agreement with the government of Bangladesh to supply healthy school meals to primary schools in Pataukhali District. This is where the School Feeding Programme by Muslim Aid got into action.

We ran a vigorous online campaign and also worked with all parties on the ground including local officials and government. We are proud to announce through this programme Muslim Aid was able to supply over 93,000 high energy biscuits to over 400 primary schools in the Pataukhali District. Our recent survey of the schools in the district indicated most students had poor diets which was getting in the way of their schooling. A healthy body keeps a healthy mind. If the body doesn’t receive its required daily intake of vitamins, proteins and minerals, it can affect concentration and well-being.

Through the programme, we were able to keep students healthy and well fed to a level where they were all charged up and in good spirits. Their concentration levels increased as well as their energy levels. They were able to achieve their full potential.

Programmes like these are vital. They are centred on a particular area and they cater to a specific group of individuals. With such a defined focus, backed by a good strategy and solid implementation, they are bound to succeed.

As Ramadan approaches, Muslim Aid will be introducing more innovative and productive relief aid and development programmes. The idea is to first of all create awareness and then get people involved and working together to fulfil a common goal, to help those who need it.

Join hands with Muslim Aid and get involved in changing someone’s life today. Be the reason why a local village receives clean water; the reason why a class of youngsters receives proper, healthy school meals. 

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