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Take Some Weight off Your Shoulders

It is that bitter point of the year where many of us wish we were somewhere a lot warmer, and, in a lot of cases, we do exactly that. Be it for leisure, health reasons or otherwise, those of us who have the means and opportunity to escape the winter, will often do it without a second thought.

So we find ourselves preparing and packing our bags with all those daily essentials we need. Clothes, lotions, toiletries, footwear, headwear, “just-in-case wear” and so on.

We leave our homes as safe as we can, ensuring there is someone to keep an eye out on our worldly belongings and anyone we may be leaving behind; sometimes we even have a little cry for those who we may miss during our holiday. If any loved ones are left behind, more often than not, they will ensure the heating is switched on for the day of our return, along with a warm meal.

We happily make our way to the airport, baggage in tow -  suitcases, holdalls, backpacks and handbags galore. Half the amount we have packed, we more than likely don’t even need.

But we have to make sure, just in case.

Now, let’s cast our minds over to how those who do not have any of these essentials or necessities, and how they cope.

Sleeping on the cold streets, in whatever they have been wearing, damp from the cold and rain. They may be starved for many days, thirsty, tired and extremely cold. This isn’t just what we see in the movies; it is close by – perhaps even just yards away from our doorstep. There are no expectations of us to welcome these people into our homes or accept responsibility for them, but humanity does exist, so we can at the very least help them, right?

That’s why Muslim Aid launched the #‎RucksackChallenge.

The rucksack challenge is where you volunteer to fill up a bag with essentials that you think homeless people may need. Sleeping bags, blankets, warm clothes, gloves, food, nourishment, etc.

Take a moment to think about it; if you were living on the streets, what do you think you would need? Sometimes, it helps to put yourself in others shoes... speaking of which, they may not even have those.

For information on how to get involved in the Rucksack Challenge with Muslim Aid this year, click here. Take some weight off your shoulders in the form of a good deed that won't be forgotten.

And don’t just stop there, get everyone involved; tell all your friends and family, too.

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