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The Latest Numbers Our Of Syria and How You Can Help

Since the beginning of the conflicts in March 2011, 11.4 million Syrians are now in dire need for humanitarian aid. Over 140,000 innocent lives have been lost due to political instability and armed conflict. 6.5 million Syrians have been internally displaced and the number of people who have fled the country and are now living as refugees stands at a staggering 2.4 million.

These numbers paint a dire picture. It’s been more than three years and the situation in Syria has shown no signs of improvement. More and more people continue to flee out of the country and those whose are forced to stay behind find life getting harder and more dangerous with each passing day. Camps like the Zataari Refugee Camp can no longer be called a camp. If you have seen the latest pictures, or seen an aerial view online, the camp resembles a huge city. There are streets upon streets and entire blocks of neighbours in the camp now. More people come every day. An estimated 8000 people become refugees every day in neighbouring countries like Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.

Children are always the most affected in such conditions. The Syria crisis is no different. The toll of stress and hopelessness on these young minds has been of critical importance. They are being regarded as the lost generation. When it comes to the refugees, more than 50% of them are under the age of 18 and 75% of all refugees are women and children. Around 3000 schools in Syria have been destroyed and 90% of the Syrian children do not go to school anymore. A recent Gallup Poll finding paints an even more disturbing picture. It estimates that about 3% of the people affected by a huge crisis such as the one in Syria will develop severe mental health disorders; psychosis being one of them. Other disorders include anxiety and depression.

This is serious issue and there is an urgent need for more people to take notice of it. It’s time we move past the sorrow and onto a place of hope for the future. It is upon us, as citizens of humanity to work towards peaceful solutions. To do that, we need to critically look at the situation in Syria and these numbers, and take decisive action. These people deserve to live a free life and a second chance to get back on their feet. They need financial assistance and moral support.

In times like this, relied aid agencies like Muslim Aid have been at the forefront of providing aid to people who need it. We have been conducting a large scape relied aid venture both in Syria as well as its neighbouring countries. From creating make shift hospitals to providing food kits to Syria refugees, Muslim Aid has been playing a decisive role in positively impacting people’s lives. Our Syria Relief Aid campaign is two years strong and grows stronger with each passing month as we ensure every ounce of aid reaches the intended recipient. Give us a helping hand. Donate to Syria Aid Campaign today.

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