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The People of Myanmar Need Your Help

The sheer level of violence and upheaval currently occurring in Myanmar (Burma) is reaching unprecedented levels.

More than fifty two thousand people that have been killed so far and over five thousand women have been assaulted. Over thirty thousand people have been kidnapped with no information regarding their whereabouts or well-being. The devastation and destruction has led to over 200,000 people take refuge in the outskirts of Myanmar on the borders of neighbouring countries. These people are in dire need of help and support. 

This is where Muslim Aid came in.

Muslim Aid launched an emergency worldwide appeal to encourage people to assist the people of Myanmar; to provide help and support to people of Rohingya following a wave of violence in the Rakhine state in June 2012. This led to the creation of the Muslim Aid Myanmar Campaign. It garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from the public and has raised over £1m so far. With such a strong financial backing, Muslim Aid was able to expand its relief aid and development work to not just Rohingya but also other states including Yangon and Sittwe. Therefore the donations of our supporters assisted us in helping people of three different states; an amazing achievement by all means.

Progress in Myanmar

Each region of the world presents its own challenges as well as benefits. Despite the obstacles, Muslim Aid was able to provide aid for some of the most remote and inaccessible areas of Myanmar. As we reached out to people, we provided them with food rations, hygiene packs, blankets, clothes, even books. Malaria is rife in the region so we also provided mosquito nets to help prevent an outbreak of the disease.

Though large numbers in Myanmar have benefited from aid, recent reports reveal that over 75,000 people are still displaced. It is our duty to assist them in their time of need.

International relief agencies all over the world are getting increasingly concerned about Myanmar. Very little progress has come to light and there are still people remain who need our assistance. While the politics of that region plays out, innocent lives remain at risk. We urge you to get involved in the Muslim Aid Myanmar campaign and help the Myanmar people change their future. Visit Muslim Aid’s website today to learn more about the situation in Myanmar and how you can contribute by making a donation.

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