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The Way It Was Intended

“He who performs a small act for the sake of Allah SWT, in return, Allah SWT will make that act superior than he wished for in the sight of others. And he who performs a great act for the sake of people, Allah SWT will make that act insignificant in the eyes of others.” 

In this world, we often judge people by their actions without even thinking twice about our own. What we don’t realise is, who are we to judge our fellow companions when we ourselves will one day stand in front of Allah SWT for questioning, on the day of judgement?


He, who is our Creator and Master, is the only One who knows the real intention of our hearts, whereas people can only see our intention from our actions.


It is said that Allah SWT will reward us for any good deed we intended to do but did not carry out but not punish us for any bad deed we intended to do and didn’t carry out. We will in fact be rewarded for not carrying out the bad intention. Subhanallah! Allah SWT is the most merciful.


Sometimes, we visit the Mosque and often notice a fellow brother or sister praying their salaah (prayers) in a different stance to ourselves. Does this mean their salaah is not accepted by Allah SWT? Who are we to judge this? Do we actually know the answer? Who gave us the right to speak on behalf of the Greatest?


Similarly, he who has takabbur (pride) in his good deeds may not be rewarded for his acts, but he who believes himself to be a sinner, yet has the clearest of hearts and intention could well be the person Allah SWT chooses for Jannah (Heaven). It is not our decision to make, or to judge a book by its cover.


Today, there are many generous people amongst us who donate to charity, for those who are desperately in need of our help. Some of us may shout about it with pride, whilst some may donate silently with the clearest of intentions that Allah SWT has noted their generosity; not people. Hence, the latter person is doing it purely for the love of Allah SWT and His creation, not for the praise and admiration of people.


So, brothers and sisters, do not judge each other with contempt. Your judgement could well be the undoing of all your good deeds. Do not criticise each other, as one day, we are all due to stand in front of the Almighty and account for our own deeds.


Act on your good intentions and donate to today and help to serve humanity.

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