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Time is a Blessing

Another Qurbani has passed us by, another Eid-ul-Adha, another year, another blessing. . If Qurbani teaches us anything, it is that we are blessed to be so fortunate in this life and that we must do what we can to help those around us feel their blessings, too. 

The Islamic Year has now come to an end, so join us as we begin a new Islamic year in this month of Muharram.

Once again, we have been blessed with the prospect of giving and of being able to share with those who are less fortunate than ourselves – all while earning blessings aplenty along the way.

So many of us actively donate during the months of Ramadan, and throughout the Qurbani period, but there are also many more who choose to actively participate in regular giving as well as physically volunteering their time on a daily basis.

While we count our blessings, there is hardship all around us across the world. With each and every year that passes us by, around 12 million children die worldwide of hunger, famine, poverty and disease.

Over 800 million people worldwide are suffering from a severe lack of nourishment, and thousands of people die of disease from contaminated and polluted water every single day.

Here at Muslim Aid, our primary aim is to serve humanity and we achieve this with your help and support. There are millions of people out there who are much less fortunate than ourselves, facing poverty in their everyday lives, not just during particular times of the year.

Time is of the the absolute essence here, as none of us knows when our calling will come and our time will finally be up. Whilst we are here, we are in the face of opportunity; as once our time is up, there is no going back.

Monday, October 17th, 2016, marks the World Day for the Eradication of Poverty, and in light of this, we propose to unite with the aim of serving as many people in need as we can whilst we still have the ability to do so.

Time is a blessing and we never know when the chance to help will be taken from us, so we need to act now. When our time is up, we can move on knowing that we have given a helping hand to many of those people who are in desperate need of our help.

For as little as £5, you can help in feeding and clothing a whole family for an entire month. You might not miss such a small amount of cash, but for the people that we help, it means everything.

Join us in serving humanity on a regular basis today. Click here to register your regular donation, or call Muslim Aid on 020 7377 4200.

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