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Top 5 tips to help the elderly this winter

With the weather changing this winter, the days and nights can become colder. It’s important to remember the elderly, especially those who live alone and are unwell. Over 31,000 people die due to winter related cold deaths, a majority of them are the elderly. So, if you know an elderly person in your community that may need your help, please use these tips to help them keep warm and safe.

  • 1. Check on the elderly, especially if they are living alone. Check that their heaters are working, and if they need any draught enclosures to be fixed on the doors. Small little fixtures here and there are easy to do and can prevent the cold from coming in.
  • 2. If they have any existing illnesses, ensure they have enough medicine in order to prevent them from going outdoors to the pharmacy when it’s cold. Ask if they need the flu jab and perhaps arrange for that to be done.


  • 3. Ensure that the elderly wear adequate warm clothing. Allowing your hands and feet to get cold can mess with your circulation. Many of the elderly have bad circulation problems and this can lead to serious health conditions.


  • 4. You may want to help them with the shopping by offering to buy their groceries and dropping them off to them at home. Even prepare them a hot meal if they are not easily mobile.


  • 5. And finally, as the winter days get cold and dark quicker, isolation and loneliness can set in. Why not spend some time visiting the elderly that live alone and share a cup of tea and biscuits with them.

Muslim Aid funds drop-in Soup Kitchen sessions in Walthamstow run by PL84U – ALSUFF. So if you know any elderly person that would enjoy a hot meal in a friendly atmosphere, please do join us. For more information, visit

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