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Tsunami - 10 Years On

Exactly ten years ago, the world witnessed a glimpse of the fury of mother nature.


The coast of Indonesia was struck by a massive 9.1 magnitude earthquake, one of the largest ever recorded in recent history. The earthquake triggered a chain reaction thereby creating a tsunami that swept away and in many cases, wiped entire communities into the Indian Ocean.


The figures that emerged over the next few days were staggering. 228,000 innocent lives were lost. Millions more were displaced, not just in Indonesia but also in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand. The damage caused by this horrific disaster was estimated to be just under $10 billion.


Ten years have passed and today that same region shows signs of positive change. This improvement is testament to the massive rebuilding and relief aid efforts conducted by numerous charities, governments, relief aid organisations and international aid agencies. Villages have been rebuilt and the communities that reside in them have been brought together. The coastline of Indonesia and Thailand is now swarming once again with locals and tourists.


Muslim Aid was one of the first organisations to respond to the Tsunami of 2004. The relief aid campaign that was started in the wake of the Tsunami is still operational today after ten busy years. The campaign targeted vital areas where prompt action was needed. This included providing locals with emergency relief and undertaking long-term development in the region. Thanks in large to the generous donations, Muslim Aid, along with its partners, was able to impact lives and assist the victims of the Tsunami in getting back on their feet. Here is a look at what we have done since then.


3000 temporary shelters have been created. This is in addition to over 2,500 permanent houses created for the victims displaced by the flooding. 80 fishing boats were provided to local fisherman so they could start the rebuilding process for their families and start earning a living, as well as assist with the clean-up efforts. Click here now and make a positive impact on peoples lives today!


Essential supplies necessary for day to day activities have been provided. Part of the rebuilding process also entails long-term regional development and providing locals with daily life essentials. Water and sanitary facilities were also built so people could have access to clean and safe drinking water. The tsunami left transportation roads in tatters and water flooded the region as far as the eye could see. Muslim Aid was part of flood mitigation efforts and removing road block to provide a stable line of entry for aid to reach different parts of the affected region. People in the region also benefited from education and livelihood support provided by Muslim Aid.


These are all large scale projects that would not have been possible without the immense support of our donors and supporters. More than $47 million has been spent by in the rebuilding process of Indonesia and surrounding countries. Whilst things have certainly improved in this area, much work is left to be done, and the rebuilding process is still ongoing.


We urge our supporters to get involved in this noble cause and donate generously to assist the victims of the Tsunami. Entire lives can’t be completely rebuilt in just ten years but with continued assistance and hard work, it is achievable over time.

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