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UN Day 2016

United Nations (UN) Day marks the day in which 50 nations met to draw up the United Nations Charter in 1945.

Since the UN was established, it has made huge developments across the world in the areas of peace and security, economic development, social development, human rights, international law, health and humanitarian affairs. This vital work has protected, improved and saved millions of lives since it begun, and continues to do so.

Since Muslim Aid’s establishment over 30 years ago, joint projects with UN humanitarian agencies have been implemented in many regions of the world. These have included emergency aid projects as well as long-term development work which enable families to work their way out of poverty.

While we hope that the need for the UN around the world lessens, the need for such work remains essential in today’s climate. Muslim Aid will continue to work with the UN and other humanitarian agencies to ease suffering and provide long-term solutions to poverty wherever it is needed.  


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