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Which Is More Valuable: Time Or Money?

Too often, we find ourselves watching the clock as the seconds tick away, or clutching at the pennies and pounds jingling in our pockets; evidently wrapped up in our own lives, without a thought to spare for those that have neither privilege.


Of course, we all have our personal struggles throughout life, and it’s all too easy to crumble under the burden of little stresses. But if we took a single minute every day to consider those less fortunate than us, would our outlooks be any different? Could we make a change?


Time over money, money over time; where do you stand in this debate?


Both have the power to make a difference, but which constitutes a life-changing decision and which is a spur of the moment, short-term solution? Well, let us offer a perspective that may just change how you view, contribute to and support charities, nationwide and overseas.


Value Your Time


To begin with, time is something we can physically make. It isn’t handed to us as a ‘well done’ or ‘good job’, nor is it something we can’t change on a smaller scale. You see, although we can’t turn back the clock or get back the hours wasted flicking through social media, we can, in fact, make better use of the seconds we have ahead.


In between our hectic day-to-day schedules, the mad morning school run, and our ever-needed ‘me time’ in the evenings, we have invaluable hours, minutes, and seconds to make a difference;

even if this change only expands to the vulnerable in our local community. Within this time, we have the opportunity to inspire others and contribute our time to a good cause.


For those with more time to spare, we can all make a difference globally, by supporting countries like Gaza and Sri Lanka, both of which are supported by Muslim Aid.


But how can you donate your time? Well, organising charitable fundraising events and helping out at our head office are great ways to start. See here for more information on how to get involved.


Now that we’ve established why time is so invaluable, let’s take a look at the role money plays in projects like the ones we run.


A Small Financial Donation Goes A Long Way


Though many prefer donating their time to help a good cause, monetary contributions are just as important as having advocates on the ground. Financial donations mean that we can actively build and restore areas affected by natural disasters and the like, enabling residents to work towards securing a brighter future.


This isn’t all though, as financial contributions can provide the vulnerable with the essentials they need to survive, as well as the tools to become self-reliant later down the line. This kind of support is paramount to the here and now, as well as the future, and can help to educate children, bring the opportunity of livelihoods to the table, and much more.


Our site has plenty of examples of how your monetary donations are having a positive impact on countries less fortunate.


In conclusion, there should be no debate between time and money; both can be widely distributed to support a better cause and make a difference. So, for the remainder of 2015, let’s all make an effort to offer up our time and finances in equal measure.

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