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Muslim Aid Afghanistan Emergency Response

Muslim Aid Afghanistan Emergency Response. From September 2021 – December 2021, Muslim Aid conducted an Emergency Response campaign, delivering aid to more than 1400 people in Kabul.

The Need:

The continuing conflict in Afghanistan has resulted in hundreds of thousands of people who have been internally displaced to the other parts of the country, in search of safety and shelter. These families are living in desperately impoverished conditions with no or limited access to basic humanitarian needs.

Reliant on humanitarian aid to survive and as yet unable to return to their homes, severe poverty is causing rising malnutrition and illness as they battle against the elements. Falling temperatures leave many vulnerable to hypothermia and death. These families do not have access to staple foods, fuel, heating or sanitation. The threat of spread of disease due to lack of sanitation and clean water is of growing concern. Response:

From September to December 2021, Muslim Aid supported over 1400 people in Kabul province in urgent need of food, hygiene, clean water and financial support. A rapid needs assessment in the target communities took place to identify 145 of the most vulnerable families. These included households headed by women, pregnant women, the elderly, those with disabilities, orphaned children and those newly displaced.

Our emergency response provided:

  • Food packs containing rice, beans, wheat, sugar, tea and cooking oil.
  • Gas cylinders and stoves, plastic utensils and cooking implements.
  • Hygiene kits including soap, toothpaste, sanitizers, face masks, razors, and toilet paper to meet basic needs.
  • Sanitary items to give girls and women dignity and hygiene.
  • Cash grants, vouchers or tokens to meet ongoing emergency needs including transportation costs.


During the assessment and delivery of aid, the majority of the families informed us that with their immediate needs met and with cash assistance, they will be able to move their families to a more secure area or return home. This support meant that many of the most vulnerable have been protected and prevented from engaging in negative coping strategies

such as exploitation and crime. Food security for these families has improved and they now have resources to cope with the harsher winter season.

1410 people received support that met their needs, providing nutrition and cleaner living conditions. More than 34% were children aged under 18 years old and over 50% were women.

What Next?

Muslim Aid will continue to provide emergency support to internally displaced people (IDP) in Afghanistan as the crisis continues. Working with partners on the ground including ORCD, an Afghan national organization registered with the Ministry of Economy. How can you help?

If you would like to support our Emergency Response in Afghanistan, please donate here.
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