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Need is Greatest

The Prophet (pbuh) loved his Ummah and did everything to protect and safeguard the Ummah from harm. This Rabi Al Awwal be like Muhammad (pbuh) and help those in the greatest need and ensure your donation creates more impact! Help the Ummah now!


Orphans & Widows

The Prophet (pbuh) was an orphan and he cared for orphans and widows very much. Be like Muhammad (pbuh) and support the most vulnerable and at risk category of people in the world. This Rabi Al Awwal earn a place close to the Prophet (pbuh) by giving to orphans & widows.


Safe Water

The Prophet (pbuh) said, the best Sadaqah is to give water. Dirty water is the biggest threat for the life of those living in poverty. This Rabi Al Awwal be like Muhammad (pbuh) and provide safe water and quench more thirst!


Help Our Heroes

When a disaster strikes, a delay in response can be deadly. Help us to respond more urgently, saving and protecting as many lives as possible. Your donation can ensure our work never stops.


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