Syrian Mother & Child

Across areas of extreme poverty and within refugee camps, the health of hundreds of pregnant women, new mothers and babies are at risk. All too often children are born in the most dangerous of conditions - they need you to survive.

Malnutrition and poor primary healthcare have increased the risks for women in pregnancy and childbirth for those in countries like Lebanon.

A severe lack of paediatric care means that babies are born in dangerous conditions, hungry and struggling to survive from their very first breath.

Thousands of young lives have the odds stacked against them.

With rising poverty and tensions continuing, millions of people have fled for their lives and are now displaced, seeking shelter in makeshift refugee camps.

Without basic healthcare and nutrition, pregnant women are at risk of complications, miscarriage or still birth. A lack of maternal care means they often give birth without pain relief or medical assistance. For the babies who survive, their lives hang in the balance as their mothers are often too weak to breastfeed.

They need your help.

Pregnant women, mothers and children need basic primary healthcare urgently. Immunisations, nutrition, surgical equipment, incubators and specialist paediatric care are all required to help them survive. Mobile Clinics are needed to reach the most isolated and vulnerable women with quality maternity care.

Together we can save them.

We are working in Lebanon, reaching remote communities and delivering medical aid to the millions displaced into refugee camps.

Your support and generosity can help us to protect women and their babies from:  

  • Life-threatening conditions in pregnancy
  • Risky childbirth experiences such as dangerous premature birth
  • Increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirth
  • Malnourishment and preventable infections and disease

Feel amazing and give them a chance at life.

Donate to our Maternal and Child Healthcare Appeal and help 6500 women and over 2000 infants and children receive the aid they so desperately need.

£120 could provide life-saving support for premature and sick babies 

£360 could provide dedicated support and care for pregnant women 

£500 could provide emergency medicine and operations 

£1,000 could provide a share of a Mobile Clinic (35 shares in total)

£35,000 could fully equip a Mobile Clinic

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