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Water for Gaza Live Appeal SKY 737

We need your support to help Gaza, now! Tonight, we’re on Islam Channel Sky 737 fundraising to provide clean water to the people of Gaza.

This Muharram, Give Water for Gaza.

Gaza’s water is slowly poisoning Palestinians.


More than 97% of the water in Gaza is polluted and not fit for human consumption. Thousands go each day without water or are forced to consume polluted, toxic water, placing them at risk of disease and even death.


This Muharram, you can be a life saver by giving the people of Gaza uninterrupted access to clean and safe water, reducing not only their thirst but their risk of disease too.


£53 Safe Water Fund
Delivers water solutions to where the need is greatest.

£105 Family Water Supply
Provides 2 families with clean uninterrupted water for a year.

£240 Hospital Water Supply
Provides 41,000 litres of water for Doctors and Patients for a year.

£500 Water Trucking
Provides clean water to hard-to-reach areas providing 600 people with clean water.

£1000 Water for Life
Provides clean water for a family for life.

£5000 Water Purification System
Supports the refurbishment of damaged water units and/or maintenance of Solar Powered Units.


Give the gift of water

We believe no person should have to live without access to safe water.

This Muharram, Give the gift of water to thousands of vulnerable lives and reap the ongoing and continuous rewards of Sadaqah Jariyah.


The Prophet (pbuh) was asked “Which charity is best?” He replied, “Providing water”. (Abu Dawud)


Donate Now. Water for Gaza.


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