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Mohammed Zabair signed up to sponsor a child after hearing about our  Rainbow Family Programme through the Islam Channel, in 2011. Now, almost  a year on, as the lucky winner of Muslim Aid’s Golden Ticket, he has  been given the opportunity to visit his sponsored child In Banda Aceh,  Indonesia.

In June this year, Mohammed met with Masron, a  young timid boy who likes to play football. Living with his mother,  brother and two sisters in very poor conditions, Masron had lost his  father at a very young age and his mother had struggled to provide - she  was earning the equivalent of just two British Pounds a day.

After taking to him very quickly, Masron began to call Mohammed Abang (older brother) and on his first day in the village, took him to visit  his father’s grave. Here, they made dua and Mohammed was able to hear  Masron recite some scriptures from the Qur’an.

Though separated by  two very different cultures, they grew very close and together they  visited the Tsunami memorial, Muslim Aid’s Dig a well projects in Aceh  Besar and the Baiturrahman grand mosque in Banda Aceh where they were  able to stop and make salaat. Mohammed met with Masron’s friends and, as  avid football fans, they were able to show off their skills with the  new ball that Mohammed had given them.

Nurjani, Masron’s mother,  told Mohammed how the Rainbow Family Child Sponsorship Programme had  made a difference to Masron’s life:

“I am really thankful for the  support,” she said.  “Masron has been able to continue his studies and  hopefully Allah will shower his blessings on Mohammed.”

To see more of Mohammed's journey, watch the video here.

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