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Muslim Aid’s child support programme is more than just handing out money as we make it our priority to look after a child’s welfare. Here’s how your donation can make the difference:

Every Rainbow Family child has access to a primary package of support that consists of:

  • Education: Providing school fees, uniforms, learning materials, transport and any other educational needs means that the child you sponsor can have a brighter future.

  • Emotional support: Mentoring is provided to children to help increase their self-esteem, provide encouragement and build a positive attitude towards education. This support improves chances of children completing primary and secondary education. In countries where children have witnessed the brutality of war, trained professionals work to encourage, motivate and help children stay focused and achieve to their goals.

  • Child Protection: Providing access to child protection systems that ensure children are safe to develop and flourish, with no fear of harm or abuse.

Depending on the child’s circumstances, donations can also contribute to:

  • Food and Clothing: Circumstances can force children to earn money in order to feed themselves and their family, preventing them from going to school or learning. Muslim Aid recognises this and offers the means to meet basic needs along with education.

  • Medical care:  Every child has the right to a life free from disease. Through Muslim Aid, your money will provide access to medical care and resources to ensure they can enjoy a healthy life. 

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