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Shelter and Construction

Shelter and Construction - Pakistan

Due to several natural disasters, including earthquakes and extreme floods, many parts of Pakistan have a high number of homeless or those living in sub-standard conditions.

Entire villages have been wiped out, including hospitals and schools, leaving many in abject poverty.

Muslim Aid Pakistan has been delivering aid and rebuilding homes and hope for over 10 years. Our projects across the region include:

  • Development of seven unique model villages. This long-term project comprises of 361 resilient shelters to house over 4,000 people, seven schools and four vocational skill development centres.
  • Construction of 41 resilient shelters in remote communities.
  • Enrolling 26,000 children in school by rebuilding and refurbishing school buildings to make them safe, suitable and accessible.
  • Building Child Development Centres to benefit over 700,000 children and their families.