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Dig A Well And Make a Difference

There is an enormous amount of charity work being carried out all over the world. So many remote areas exist today that still lack some of the necessities of life. Furthermore, there are areas that have been ravaged by war have been left in rubble and ruin. Rebuilding these towns, villages and cities is an enormous task, however relief agencies are working hard to ensure all donations go to the intended project or recipient. Charity work is at times challenging, but carries immense spiritual reward.

When it comes to charity work, the smallest of gestures can have the biggest impact. This isn’t to say that the generous donations we receive from around the world don’t go the distance, because they most certainly do. However, sometimes a small but brilliant idea can go a long way. A small idea could single-handedly improve the livelihoods of thousands of people overnight. The ‘Dig A Well’ project is one good example.

The ‘Dig A Well’ project is a programme started by Muslim Aid that is not only changing lives, but also saving people from needless illness and death. The idea behind it is simple; build a well for communities who do not have around the clock access to clean and hygienic water. Water is abundantly available on our planet yet one sixth of the world's population do not have access to it. Another study has found that over one billion children worldwide do not have enough water for proper sanitation, leaving them to prone to disease and infection. At Muslim Aid, we want to take this problem head on.

In accordance with the UN Millennium Development Goal to reduce the number of people in the world without drinking water by 50% by 2015, we have built over 1000 wells in the last five years. These are providing safe drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people. To provide the necessities of life such as water to those in need is no doubt one of the noblest of pursuits.

Want to help? Join the Dig A Well project. Muslim Aid gives you the perfect opportunity to make a difference with your pledge. Your contribution today will positively impact the lives of thousands of people tomorrow. Just one well in a remote village can improve the health, sanitation and hygiene of all its inhabitants. It is the perfect opportunity to give Sadaqah Jariyah, or recurring charity, ensuring that the fruits of your hard work continue even after your passing.

Bring a positive change to a child’s life today. Your donation can ensure no child will go to bed thirsty; that entire villages will have access to clean and pure water that is not harmful to their health. Water is the most basic element of survival. Without it, life will cease to exist.

Join the Dig A Well project at Muslim Aid. For more information, contact us today through our website.

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