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Eid and Children

As adults, the month of Ramadan is one that tests the the body, the mind and the spirit but it is also one that comes with great reward. This journey is one that we take willingly, and lovingly for it is a month that holds great meaning in Islam. We abstain from food and water between sunrise and sunset, we pray and unite with our faith, our communities and our families and after this month, we rejoice with a 3-day celebration: Eid-ul-Fitr.

Many of you reading this will know that the celebrating of the festival of Eid is something that we all look forward to, but this celebration is extra special for children. Whether this is to conclude the blessed month of Ramadan, to rejoice in the celebrations and unity with their loved ones or simply because of the delightful feasts, gifts and new attire that await them during festivities, it isn’t hard to see why this is a wonderful time for children of all ages.

Parents will always attempt their very best to do all that they can for their children and to the best of their abilities, it is a natural maternal and paternal instinct that kicks in to protect offspring from harm and provide them with love, care and support. While a parent will always try to put their children first, it can be easy for the child to be unaware of their privilege and how the same cannot be said for many children around the world.

Educate and Inspire

This Ramadan 2017, let’s attempt something a little different! Let us educate our youngsters and teach them the value of what they have and how they can help those that are in a less fortunate position.

This Ramadan, let’s show them that while millions of other children out there who are suffering – whether from a lack of nourishment, healthcare, care and support or because of severe poverty – but that from knowledge comes the power to help.

Change their Outlook for Ramadan 2017

Many children complain about having homework, having to do chores or tidy their bedrooms, completely unaware of how lucky they are to have food, education and a home to call their own. Many have expensive gadgets and must-have items such a smartphones, tablets and consoles yet they still want more.

This Ramadan, let’s educate our children about the millions of children around the world who have nothing to break their fast with during the month of Ramadan; the many who don’t have new clothes or gifts or even a decent meal to look forward to on Eid-ul-Fitr; the many thousands who don’t even have parents to give them a hug on the morning of Eid.

Let’s show them the value of something as simple as a glass of water; something that we all take for granted and think nothing more of, but something that many people would give an arm and a leg for to be able to have so easily.

When gifting your children this Eid, let us remember those in less fortunate situations than our children and give a small portion of that to a child who may need it far more than our children.

This Ramadan 2017, let’s vow to make a real difference to these children’s todays and ensure they too have something to look forward to tomorrow.

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