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Give something back this Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of earning as well as giving; Muslims earn blessings by spending most of their time in prayer and meditation and there are countless opportunities to benefit from in this month. Performing the act of fasting, reciting the Qur’an, performing Taraweeh prayers, I’tikaf and seeking Lailat-ul-Qadr; the opportunities are endless.

In the same sense, Muslims are urged to give something back to the community during this blessed month and there are many ways to do so. Donating your Zakat to a charitable organisation or a needy family, child sponsorship and supporting and funding a project in your local community are just three ways you can help. You can also get involved with volunteer work, which we will be discussing today.

Volunteer Work at Muslim Aid

Here at Muslim Aid, we provide plenty of opportunities for individuals to get involved with volunteer work at our London office. Ramadan is usually one of the busiest months for us as we experience a great level of participation from our valued donors. We also receive hundreds of enquiries, comments and suggestions from our supporters all of which need to be addressed accordingly. In addition, we host events and run numerous campaigns all year long; all of which require volunteers.

With the arrival of Ramadan 2014, Muslim Aid is looking all set for a busy and highly productive month in terms of relief aid work. As it happens, we are currently seeking volunteers for collections during the month of Ramadan for our London office, particularly after Taraweeh and Friday prayers. Taraweeh prayers are performed late at night after Isha; this means that they don’t interfere with work hours making volunteer work at this time all the more convenient.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims donate generously to charitable organisations, Zakat, Saqadah or to the mosque and we need volunteers to help collect these donations.

As a volunteer for Muslim Aid, you will be responsible for collecting donations from Muslims during the Taraweeh prayers which are usually around and hour long. As people come and go, they are likely to make a donation on their way out. Also, as some people may be keen on a few of the current campaigns, like the Syria Emergency Appeal or the Rainbow programme, we need volunteers to help these individuals with their donations and queries.

If you live in London or happen to be in the city and have a few hours to spare, you’re more than welcome to visit our London office and sign up for volunteer work. This Ramadan is a great opportunity to get involved with some volunteer work and give something back to the community, so make the most of this blessed month with Muslim Aid; everyone is welcome.  

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