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As one of the biggest Muslim charities in the UK, here at Muslim Aid, we’re looking to enhance our fundraising practices by introducing Givematch technology to our donation site. In this day and age, it’s all about online social influence, meaning that even the top Muslim charities such as ourselves need to adapt to this new digital donation sphere. 

The technology allows you to donate to our Muslim charity appeals and double your impact by sharing your personal link on your social platform. This is achieved via partnerships with generous organisations, wherein these organisations match your donation so that Muslim and non-Muslim charity organisations alike can reap double the benefits. 

As a result, a Muslim charity such as ourselves can make twice as much of an impact on those who need it most across the globe. Givematch is a much more attractive concept from a donor’s perspective when compared with charity initiatives that are executed by corporations alone. This is because the ambiguity is removed, meaning that it’s abundantly clear where this money is going, and the impact is apparent. 

How Givematch Works 

The process of Givematch couldn’t be easier. Quite simply, you can launch Givematch via our website and make your donation. Upon your donation being made, you can share your personal link to your social platform. Following this, your donation will be doubled once two of your friends also make a donation via your personal link. That’s all it takes to double your impact on those in need!

The Power of Social Influence 

There’s no denying that social influence couldn’t be any more prominent in today’s society; however, it’s often perceived in a negative light, as it typically inflicts pressure on individuals to achieve impossible standards of perfection. Despite this, Givematch is doing all that they can to turn social influence on its head and use it to make a positive impact. Instead of using your social media for vanity, why not use it as a platform to create social change? All you have to do is make a donation to one of Muslim Aid’s charity appeals and share your personal link to your social platform. This way, you’ll be able to achieve social influencer status in one of the most positive ways. 

Ultimately, Givematch is on a mission to facilitate social good through the use of social sharing. As a result, giving is sure to count more, which is a key goal of every charitable organisation. Since we’re all gifted with this social influence, Givematch wants to create a world in which individuals harness this gift to have a transformative impact on global projects and make a valuable contribution to those in need. 

The Statistics

Givematch is a valuable asset, as it encourages giving on a larger scale. In fact, Givematch conducted research in 2020 which determined that 88% of British adults would be more inclined to make a charitable donation if this amount was matched by an organisation. Additionally, 92% deemed word of mouth to be the biggest driver of donations, which only highlights the power of social influence. On top of this, Givematch underwent a beta launch in 2021 across the UK and US, with 75% of donors selecting Givematch upon completing their donation. 

Donate via Givematch with Muslim Aid  

April marks the global expansion of Givematch and Muslim Aid is one of six charities that will be partnering with the technology. With Givematch on our side, we believe that we’ll be able to successfully transform the norms of charity giving in order to create a more significant impact. 

Donate to Muslim Aid via Givematch today and get your donation doubled!

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