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How Winter in Yemen is Affecting Those in Need

As winter draws near and temperatures begin to plummet, it is so easy to forget how blessed we are. We wrap up warm with coats, boots and hats before we make our way home to our families, enjoying the home comforts that many of us take for granted like running water, a bed to sleep in and a roof over our heads. For the millions of people in Yemen that are currently facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, the prospect of winter approaching is far more debilitating.

Yemen Set for Winter Freeze

In Yemen, much of the year is dry and hot, which makes the transition to the harsh, freezing winters all the more dangerous. Highland areas are particularly at risk, with the coldest temperatures reaching below freezing alongside expected heavy rains that will likely lead to flooding and yet more structural damage, pushing already strained communities to breaking point.

Following years of conflict, Yemen's remaining infrastructure is not ready for the colder weather. Millions of people are homeless, living in makeshift accommodation or tents, having fled their homes and livelihoods in fear for their lives. What little clothing they do have is not suitable for colder weather, let alone a harsh winter freeze.

Through no fault of their own, millions of vulnerable people including the sick, elderly, women and children, inch closer to danger as homes, schools, businesses and more are destroyed. Already on the brink of starvation, with a high risk of disease and violence at every turn, essential food and medical supplies already struggle to make it to those that need them most.

With the coldest weather looming on the horizon, millions of Yemeni families are facing the prospect of not surviving this winter.

We need your help to deliver essential aid to those most in need.

The Statistics

  • Almost 7,000 lives had been lost as a result of conflict, according to a report published in November 2018
  • More than 10,500 injured
  • Over 1 million pregnant women malnourished
  • Over 2 million children malnourished and in urgent need of treatment
  • Almost 18 million without access to clean water or basic healthcare

The ongoing crisis in Yemen right now is staggering. The horrors that these innocent people have been witness to, and the lives they have abandoned in the hopes of reaching safety elsewhere, have left them vulnerable to yet more devastation. With colder weather right around the corner, millions of Yemen families are in desperate need of help to make it through the prospect of a potentially life-threatening winter ahead.

Help our Yemen Emergency Appeal this Winter

Despite the challenges in getting aid to the millions of Yemeni citizens who need our help, our partners on the ground are delivering to those most in need.

Through the support of our donors, the team here at Muslim Aid are ensuring the most vulnerable Yemeni families have food, clean and safe water, and access to vital healthcare items as well as help with essential shelter and education. Help us make countless lives easier, help us make countless lives better, help us save countless lives this winter.

With your help, the prospect of another winter in the cold can seem much less daunting for millions of people. Please click here for more information about the ongoing Yemen Emergency, or donate today to help give aid where it is needed most.

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