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How You Can Help the Children of Syria

The situation in Syria is the same as it was 2 years ago; the only difference is in the numbers. Today, more people have been displaced as a result of the instability in Syria and more children are living in shelters. In addition, more families are living as refugees after having to leave behind all they have known. Today, Syria is in dire need of help with millions of Syrians needing food, water, clothes and other basic supplies. 

Below we have compiled a few ways that you can help the children of Syria.

Provide Day to Day Necessities

Donating common items that you use in your day to day life can help out a child in need. Basic clothing such as shirts and shoes can make a huge difference for these children and it would keep them warm and comfortable during these hard times. In addition, although it’s summer now, Syrian winters are extremely brutal with temperatures dropping drastically for months. Winter poses a serious threat for these children and calls for illness without the proper supplies. To help out with this growing cause, you could gather up all of your used clothes and donate them to charity. Go through your wardrobe and pack everything you don’t want, whether it’s scarves, socks or jackets and donate.

Utensils and Essentials

There is a known shortage of electricity and gas in Syria since the crisis began. Syrian refugees don’t have the resources to light up their stoves or keep the lights on for very long. If you have any old working rechargeable or solar lamps, fans and other essentials, you could donate these goods to this cause to help provide them with support throughout their daily lives.

Toys will bring out smiles

The gift of toys is sure to make a less fortunate child happy and whether you spend a little money and donate or give away your old toys, it will help to brighten someone’s day. From colouring books and crayons to yoyos, donating your old toys can help these children to have a life of their own, even during these tough times.

Don’t forget about education

One of the most devastating effects of the Syria crisis is that it is having a huge impact on children’s education. To help Syria, you can get in touch with charitable organisations and donate a small fee to go towards making sure these children still receive the education they deserve. Sponsoring a child can make a huge difference. Alternatively, you can purchase some educational resources like books, stationary and writing pads and donate them to charity.

As Ramadan approaches, it’s important to keep the people of Syria in your thoughts. If you’d like to help, consider getting involved with our Syria Relief Aid Campaign and make a contribution. Please donate generously so that we too can provide these children with toys, clothes, books and other essentials. 

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