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If You Can’t Adopt a Child, Do This

No one wishes to see children suffer. However, sometimes a regional situation can deteriorate to such a level that the children have to bear the brunt of it alongside the adults. The recent examples of Syria and Gaza are currently at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Gaza recently witnessed one of its bloodiest months where more than 2000 casualties were reported in less than a month, and the majority of those killed were children. The situation in Syria is even worse, with almost three million Syrians, including children, are forced to live the life of a refugee away from home, across the border. These children are victims of war. In their minds, their future is scary, bleak and distressing. But we can change that.

It is up to us to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us. Ideally, the best approach would be to take them out of this terrible situation altogether, by adopting them and giving them a new home with you. There is no doubt that this would be a wonderful deed, but it would require a lot of challenges and adjustments from both parties.

Another approach would be to help financially and let charitable organisations like us utilise the money donated to fund campaigns that you care about, including those pertaining to child welfare and wellbeing. There are several ways in which you can care for orphans without having to adopt them:

Sponsor A Child

If you can’t adopt a child, then sponsor one. Child sponsorship is gaining immense popularity due to its positive impact on children and how beneficial it is in terms of a child’s growth, development and wellbeing. These programmes help provide children (both in local and international locations) with the bare necessities of life, like food, water and education. When you sponsor a child, you are not simply giving away money to help pay for all the child’s necessary expenses. You are becoming a part of their life and as such, you can interact with the child, oversee their care and progress and even send them gifts for Eid.

Give Money to An Adoptive Family

If you can’t adopt a child yourself, you can help out a family who has. Child adoption is a huge responsibility with lots of checks and balances. You have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can support a child both emotionally and financially and that you can be a part of their overall upbringing. If you know a family who has managed to pass the vetting stage and adopt a child, you can do your part and help them financially. Don’t think about how little or how much you should give in this instance because even the smallest donation can go a long way and have a very positive effect on the child’s life.

Send Health Supplies and Food Packages To Orphans and Orphanages

Muslim Aid has devised a children’s emergency pack that can be purchased for £300. Each pack includes all the essential supplies a child could need, such as clean water, a month’s worth of food rations, basic sanitation supplies and even emergency healthcare products.

Blessed Ramadan has recently concluded, and all the Eid festivities are done. So now it is time to start thinking about the Muslim Ummah again. Give the gift of giving to the little souls who have not been so fortunate in this life and have had a lot taken away from them at such an early age. Your small donation can go a long way for a child’s future. Visit Muslim Aid’s newly designed website for more details.

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