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Improving your Ramadan experience

The holy month of Ramadan brings an enlightening experience for all Muslims. There are countless rewards and will and determination play a big role in this month. Muslims seek repentance for past sins and guidance for the future during this time and they spend their days in a state of fast and their nights in a state of meditation. However, managing daily life such as work and family along with Ramadan activities can be a daunting thought for some, so in today’s post we will highlight a few ways to improve your Ramadan experience.


Time management helps to ensure you make the most of Ramadan so it might be worth making a timetable of your daily routine and fill in the daily Ramadan activities such as Taravih, Iftaar and Sahoor. All of these activities are time-bound meaning that they must be concluded at the right time. For example, Taravih is a two hour prayer service and Iftaar and Sahoor are fast breaking and fast opening times meaning that they must be precise. Some people find it useful to remove unneeded activities from their routine for this month.

Witr Prayer

Witr prayers are performed after Taravih during Ramadan. Some people choose to perform Witr prayers at home after midnight and while there is nothing wrong with that, performing Witr prayers in a mosque along with fellow Muslims has its own  spiritual enhancements. The dua (prayer) that concludes Witr prayers is performed by the Imam and is emotional, inspirational and motivational.

Staying in a Mosque

Staying overnight at the masjid is one of the best ways to enrich your Ramadan experience. Due to work constraints, people usually do this on the weekends unless they are performing Aitekaaf. Staying in a mosque overnight will surround you with like-minded individuals with similar goals however, if you wish to perform Aitekaaf, staying at a mosque for ten years is a requirement.

The last nights of Ramadan carry immense significance in Islam. They carry with them the Night of Power, more commonly known as Lailat-ul-Qadr. Muslims sacrifice their sleep in order to capture the blessings of the night.

Donate to Charity

Donating to a relief aid organisation or your favourite charity will ensure that they fulfil their objectives and you have the comfort of doing your part to strengthen the Muslim community. There are a number of charitable organisations that you can donate to and we here at Muslim Aid have many projects that need your help.

We hope the above tips will help to improve your Ramadan experience this year! For more information on this subject, please read through our blog for more details or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today through our ‘Contact Us’ page. 

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