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Muslim Aid’s EatMeat Scheme Supports 150+ Families

What is everyone eating?

This week, foodies are full of excitement as different households across the country eagerly wait to benefit from the EatMeat Scheme. A delicious Biriyani, South African Stew or Maqlooba are all a tasty possibility. Better yet, at a 100% discount!

Confused? Let me explain...

I am not referring to the Government’s #EatOutToHelpOut scheme but rather Muslim Aid’s UK Qurbani programme.

Many Muslim families, single parents and low-income households have found themselves in financial difficulty due to Covid-19 and dependent on local food banks and charities for assistance. If you purchased a UK Qurbani then in accordance with the prophetic traditions, 1/3 of the meat was delivered during the days of Eid (Friday 31st July – Monday 4th Aug). Normally, it would be sunnah to fast on a Monday but the period of Eid is actually 4 days in total. Therefore, families could celebrate and enjoy home cooked food as per their local traditions and customs on these blessed days.

This year, Muslim Aid worked with MCEC (Palmers Green Mosque) in North London, Markazi Jamia Ghausia Mosque in Stoke and PL84U Al-Suffa (local food bank) in Walthamstow to provide meat (hogget, which is a lamb in its second spring or summer, aged between one and two years). This was carefully selected as a hogget's extra time on pasture allows it to develop a flavour that is richer and fuller. Muslim Aid provided high quality nutritional meat so families could enjoy the very best food on the happiest day of the year.

We’re one of the only UK based charity that delivers 2/3 of the Qurbani to you and the rest to those in need here in the UK. We do this out of the desire to emulate the sunnah of Qurbani; the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “So eat, preserve and donate.” (Muslim). Abdullah Ibn Abbas narrates that one should “eat a third, feed one third to whomever he wants and give one third in charity.” (Ahmad). 

In total, due to your generous donations, we were able to help over 150 families with approximately 2,500 kg of meat!

We spoke with our partners to get their thoughts on Muslim Aid’s UK Qurbani and what impact this meat has had in their local community. 

Yasir – Trustee of MCEC:

“This is a difficult time in the year for everyone due to the Covid-19 pandemic and there are lots of families who are vulnerable right now, many of whom have also lost their jobs and are struggling. We identified 60 families to distribute fresh meat with the help of Muslim Aid, who kindly partnered with us so that they can enjoy the small luxuries we might take for granted.”

Usman – Community Activist:

“Muslim Aid have kindly donated Qurbani meat to distribute to many families in Stoke on Trent who have been impacted by coronavirus. We have a lot of families who are out of work and were overwhelmed by the request for meat. We also want to thank all the volunteers who gave up their free time to come to the mosque and help.”

Saira – PL84U Foodbank Lead:

“We have been working with Muslim Aid for a few years and they have continued to support us during this religious holiday. Our users will benefit greatly from this meat and we hope more can be done to help families who are struggling during these uncertain times. Thank you to the Muslim Aid volunteers who also helped with the distribution and for providing a smooth and efficient service.”

Lastly, from everyone at Muslim Aid, we want to thank our donors who purchased a UK Qurbani as their 1/3 of meat was able to provide a joyous Eid filled with joy and smiles.

Written by Yusuf Kalam – Fundraising Manager

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