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Muslim Aid Sri Lanka - Qurbani 2020

The official poverty index in Sri Lanka indicates that around 4.5% of the total population are living under the poverty line. Approximately 10 million people (just under 50% of the population) are receiving monthly assistance from the government.


The COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the situation for families across Sri Lanka. Most daily labourers are now out of work and farmers are struggling to get a good price for their harvest. The economy has been hard hit, with most families living under the poverty line struggling to have a full meal each day, especially meat.

In 2020, our Qurbani programme targeted rural villages across Sri Lanka, where community members would not have otherwise had access to meat. As a result, struggling families were able to enjoy having a few nutritious meals during the Eid ul-Adha celebrations. For many of the farmers in these villages, the Qurbani programme enabled them to continue their cattle rearing. The campaign created an opportunity for them to get a good market price which, in turn, helped them to earn income and meet their family’s needs.

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